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David Mastorakis is known as bodybuilding's child prodigy. In 1965 at the very young age of 15 David was selected as the youngest bodybuilder to qualify as a Mr. America competitor. Nine years later he would take third place. For the next three consecutive years he did the same. During his 17 years of competition, he won over 75 awards. As a teenager his first award was third in the Mr. New England contest. He later went on to win Mr. East Coast, Mr. Atlantic States, Mr. New England States, Jr. Mr. America and Mr. North America. He has appeared on the cover of several national bodybuilding magazines. He retired from competition in 1982 and began personal training. One of the very first to do so in the state of California. He has kept in good condition. In 1998, he decided to try the natural bodybuilding competition. he took 3rd place in the masters division in the ABA Mr. World. In doing so he realized the discipline and dedication it takes to compete as an older competitor and totally natural. This is when he created Lords of Discipline for natural bodybuilders. Proud to be drug free. Natural bodybuilders have the difficult job of getting into contest condition without the use of dangerous and sometimes life threatening drugs. DISCIPLINE is their only real WEAPON to accomplish this task. We are proud to create this clothing line specifically for them.

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Interview Of The Month: Dave Mastorakis

Dave wins in San Francisco!

Dave took first place in the Ultra Masters division of the 2007 ABA Western USA.
This victory qualified him to compete for a spot on the Team USA selection.
Ultimately Dave DID QUALIFY by taking fourth place in the Ultra Masters class.
Untimely personal matters prevented him from traveling with the team to Greece.
Dave hopes to hit the stage again in 2010.
His goal is to win a trophy in every decade of his life since the teens.
So far he has won one in his teens..twenties..thirties..forties....and fifties!!!!
Look for Dave to be featured early this year in Iron Man Magazine!!

Look for Dave's picture featured in the new Dr. Ell Darden's book titled
"The New Bodybuilding for the Old-School Results".

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Or Call Dave at 413 289-1556 To Schedule a Personal Training Session

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